About The Coalition

Who We Are

We are an all volunteer group dedicated to Animal Welfare & rights. Our goal is to assist the community in promoting responsible pet ownership through education and financial aid. Our focus is on aiding stray, abused, abandoned as well as owned animals, one animal at a time.

We intend to hold pet safety seminars, training sessions, and pet first aid/cpr classes for interested citizens.

We hope to join forces with the Red Cross to assist displaced fire victims with their animal’s boarding, veterinary, and supply needs. We also hope to be able to assist the local shelters in assuring that each animal is provided the care they so deserve, especially during the tough seasons.

We have reached out to the local dog officers to help control the feral cat population throughout the area. Each day a new situation arises that requires our help. Although we have already helped numerous animals our concerns remain endless.

We continue to remain a strong organization ready to face the many tasks the lie ahead of us.

Our Beginning

In the Spring of 2006, The Fall River City Council was presented with a “Breed Specific Vicious Dog Law” proposal. This law would target both Rottweilers and Bull Terrier breeds (a.k.a. Pit Bulls). A group of concerned citizens who believed the proposed law was unfair joined forces and formed “The Fall River Coalition for Animal Awareness.” Although our group’s short term goal was to provide assistance to the city council in forming a fair but non-breed specific vicious dog law, the long term goal was to make Fall River and the surrounding communities more pet friendly. The organization’s short term goal was a success – the law as it was proposed as being breed specific was proven unconstitutional. We rallied at city council meetings, had petitions signed, and got other citizens to attend meetings to help the cause. We proved that there is strength in numbers. Although a new vicious dog law has not been settled, the Coalition has branched out to assist the animal population in many other ways.


Since the Coalition organized, we have been lucky enough to find support for our cause and to raise a modest amount of funds through numerous fundraisers. With the money raised we have been able to assist local shelters as well as private citizens with their animals when their need is brought to us. We do our best to assure that shelter animals remain as happy as possible until their forever home is found. For example, at Christmas, organization workers brought toys and treats to all local shelters to assure that shelter animals had a “Merry Christmas.” We also take pride in the fact that thanks to our organization many of the animals that would have otherwise been sacrificed for numerous reasons have been saved

For clients requesting assistance with spay and neuter, please download our form to be filled out by clicking here

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100% of all donations go directly to helping the animals in need

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